Welcome to the Soulful Sisterhood Fitcamps – yay, you are about to become the fit and energised Goddess you have always wanted to be in the most nurturing inspirational way!

It’s time to showcase your Divine Feminine side while embracing your yin/yang energy to have you looking and feeling empowered and uber amazing!

“I loved my sessions with Lisa because she was able to listen and understand my needs, to be a positive sounding board for my ideas and inspire me to take action in areas I was struggling with.  Her down to earth and caring nature always made me feel welcome and loved the energy, vibrancy and … Continue reading Coaching Testimonials

Coaching Testimonials

Working with Corrina as our personal trainer for more than two years has been a really positive experience.  As one would hope, our level of fitness has certainly improved. Corrina is obviously very knowledgable, but also has a very ‘human’  approach to her work.  She is very encouraging and never judgmental.  Corrina’s wonderful sense of … Continue reading Fitness Testimonials

Fitness Testimonials








Inspirational programme to have you shining inside and out

This is a FITcamp like no other, we want to nurture your body, mind and spirit so that you are firing on all cylinders and most of all enjoying the process!

Our UNIQUE & HOLISTIC SOULFUL programme will start with an Intro Retreat Day where you will get to meet your other soulsisters, understand each others journeys, support your vision of health and together create goals with soul to have you thriving in a holistic way, with a focused workshop topic each time.

Yes you will be challenged, pushed outside of your comfort zone at times and want to say a few @#%$ words along the way, but hey we are going to cherish your journey, guide you in a positive healing way so that you are reaching your true potential and feeling damn good about it.

You will want to come to each session because you will see how much fun it is in our group, and how quickly you are going to see changes in the way you think, feel, act and look!

We will provide you with a fitness programme that encompasses body strength, mindfulness techniques, visualisation, affirmations, creativity, adventure, nutritional guidelines along with weekly support through empowering coaching and wellness tools to fuel your body and mind in inspirational ways.

Our sessions are designed to have you soaking up the energy of being outdoors, you will feel in tune with your body and be inspired by the variety of locations out in nature.

You will feel the fresh air on your face, see the beautiful sea or forest in front of you, smell the grass under your feet, hear the birds singing and taste the deliciousness of freedom and personal fulfillment at our sessions.

Each week there will be two personal soul sessions to have you reaching your fitness goals, with optional extra challenges, meditations and weekly intentions, soulful exercises and reflection in lifestyle areas with both online and face to face support through our dedicated online tribe.

We will do walks together as a group with holistic and fun filled Retreat days to recharge, rejuvenate and rejoice in how awesome we all are!

Over 12 weeks you will discover your inner personal power, increase your wellbeing, fuel a passion within to create more joy, energy and happiness each day while focusing on feeling more vibrant, healthy and authentically YOU!

Your Wellness Soulful Guides

It is our mission to dedicate this time to get to know you as a person, understand how you tick and what drives you!  To  embrace your unique personality in a wholesome and holistic way, which will help you to shine and feel positively excited about your body, life and your dreams!

With the combination of a Holistic Lifestyle Wellness Coach, healer and Intuitive Personal Fitness Trainer, you are in amazing hands for a journey of personal discovery!

Your wellness soulful guides are delighted to have this opportunity to work with you:

Lisa Conroy – Box of Chocolates

I love bringing out the best in people and helping them to reach their true potential through my creative and holistic approach in all I do.  As Director of Happiness for my company Box of Chocolates, I am a Certified Life, Career and Wellness Coach and Reiki Master.  Offering inspiring Soulful Coaching Programmes, workshops, Art and Wellness Retreats along with Reiki Healing, Aromatherapy, Indian Head Massage and Akashic Readings.  I am able to tap into many different elements to help people live authentic lives that allow their magic to shine!  With a gift for bringing joy wherever I go, I have just recently held my “Living the Sweet Life – Happiness Project Series workshops” with great success and creative flair!  I enjoy living life to the max and finding time for yoga, meditation, walking the hills of Wellington, being a glamping addict, soaking up travelling the world, indulging in beautiful candles, the odd cheeky wine, adventures with family and friends, journalling, and infusing loads of colour with passion and energy!  My mission is “to live for today, be true to myself, dare to be different and bring out the best potential in others.”

I can’t wait to get to know you and inspire you on this personal wellness and soulful journey – bring it on!

Lisa Conroy
Director of Happiness
027 5269224

Corrina Shilling – Personal Trainer/Coach (B Fit 4 U)

Corrina has recently taken me on her fitness journey and I am currently doing her Personal Training programme and absolutely loving it.  You are in safe hands with Corrina, she expertly knows exactly what you need and will motivate you to draw on your body’s strength and get that heart rate up while still smiling!  She has a wonderful nurturing personality, yet will also give you just the right amount of incentive to get you in shape in no time!  Corrina is an amazingly motivated and inspiring 1:1 mobile Personal Trainer and Coach, offering powerful fitness sessions and group inspiration.   Her sessions include full relaxing stretches and will be focusing on your health and wellbeing from the inside out, with exercises suited to your ability.  If you want to find your glow then Corrina will bring out your natural shine!


  • Personal Trainer – Level 4 REPs registered 2008
  • First Aid Certificate (expires June 2019)
  • National Certificate in Fitness (Exercise Consultant) – Level 3, 2009
  • New Zealand Life Coaching – Certificate in Breakthrough Life Coaching 2015

Relevent Professional Development

  • Attended Filex Melbourne April 2016
  • CPIT Sports Conditioning Course Level 1 – 2015
  • Heart Foundation Certificate in Exercise Consideration for People with Cardiovascular Disease – 2012
  • Gotrain industry Certificate of Completion Menofitness – 2014
  • Nutrition-Nutrifit with Dr Nick Kimber 2012

021 02644449