“Be the change you wish to see in the world!” – Mahatma Gandi

Key Dates:
Introduction Retreat Day – 7 October (Lotus Yoga Retreat Centre – Paraparaumu)
FITcamp starts – Thursday 4 October (CBD – Oriental Bay)
Wellness Retreat Day – Sunday 16 December (Eastbourne)

We have now opened each part of our programme to the public, so that if you cannot attend the 12 weeks Soulful Sisterhood FITcamp Programme you can still come along to either of the Retreat days as a standalone.  Of course the full benefits come through by being involved in all 3 aspects, but we understand in this busy world of commitments, it’s not always possible.

Our truly unique, fun and inspiring 12 week Wellness programme is dedicated for up to 20 Soulful Goddesses at a time!  The is the total package – encompassing mind, body and soul to have you feeling and looking your best!  Beginning with a day retreat, followed by 12 weeks of our holistic FITcamp sessions as we build up the fitness towards more challenges, and finishing with a delicious soulful retreat at the end that ties up all our learnings and allows us to celebrate the “new you inside and out!”

This allows us to really zone in on nurturing your needs and wellbeing in a proactive, healing and inspiring way.

What will I get from attending the Soulful Sisterhood Fitcamp?

  1. Connection with other Soulful Sisters who are also on a personal journey of wellness and empowerment
  2. Full support face to face and online throughout the 12 weeks and a follow up catch up post retreat
  3. Increased fitness levels, energy and enjoyment
  4. Direction on eating healthy nutritious and energising meals
  5. Guidance towards your lifestyle and fitness goals and dreams with weekly bundles including a theme each week, coaching exercise, meditation and physical exercise
  6. A chance to be outdoors and embracing nature weekly
  7. Satisfaction of working as a group and achieving a goal together
  8. A rewarding experience to complete some challenge walks and enjoy retreats of fun, laughter, wellness and soulfood
  9. A chance to overcome your fears, heal some blocks and fuel positive energy into transforming your life into a healthy and fulfilling direction.
  10. Create time and space for some mindfulness, while making a soulful mind and body connection to have you thriving

What is involved in this Wellness Programme?

  • There will be a soulful application form to complete that helps us understand your needs and to find out if we are going to be a good fit for each other
  • On acceptance of your application for the 12 week programme, we will require a deposit of $150 to show us you are committed.  At this stage you can either pay the balance in full or set up a weekly automatic payment as outlined below.
  • Ideally attending our Introduction Day retreat on 7 October from 10am – 4pm.
  • Attending 2 x weekly Soulful Fitcamp sessions on Thursdays/Sundays over 12 weeks plus optional challenge session on Tues mornings or evenings depending on people’s availability each week.
  • Completing weekly inspiration chart, coaching exercises and being willing to share your wins/challenges with the group
  • Being involved in the dedicated online Facebook support group
  • Attending the Wellness Group Challenge Walks and Retreat Day if possible.
  • Inspirational photos will be taken to follow your journey and help you see your progress

If you wish to do the FITcamp programme, you will need to fully commit to this 12 week programme, if you miss a week there are no refunds because we are dedicating our time/energy to the group and expect you to be there.

Our challenge is to work towards building the fitness to do various walks together

Key details and information:

  • Our Introduction Day Retreat will be held on  Sunday 7 Oct from 10am-4pm at a beautiful retreat Centre called the Lotus Yoga Retreat Centre in Paraparaumu.  This will be a day designed for connection, relaxation, meditation, movement to breath, creativity, pampering and  a workshop themed around “Empowering your emotions to support your life.”  This will include a welcome gift, defining your intention, mindful meditations/visualisations in the beautiful sanctuary space around the pond, as well as activities mentioned above and an overview of Soulful Sisterhood FITcamp programme while getting to know your other Soulsisters.  A shared healthy vegetarian lunch and some nutritious snacks. Check out this beautiful venue at lotusyogacentre.org.nz
  • In our fun and educational workshop you will learn:
    To understand the gifts of our emotions to help release fears/pain, using emotional endorphins to your advantage through exercise and creating a positive link between food and emotions.
  • Our first FITcamp session will start on Thursday 4 Oct from 5.30-6.30pm at Oriental Bay (venue spot will be given each week) and will run for 12 weeks.
  • FITcamp sessions will consist of: 2 weekly training sessions that will include one evening session on either Wed or Thurs from 5.30pm-6.30pm and a Saturday or Sunday session from 9am-10am which will include some core strength exercises and sometimes a group walk, with the option to have breakfast together afterwards at a local cafe.  However as a group we will decide on the best days and times that suit the majority each week – with some flexibility around this.  The challenge each Tues morning from 7-7.30am or evening 5.30-6.30pm is optional but included in the price and encouraged to help build your fitness and stamina.  Amazing progress results have been achieved through attending these sessions with notable differences in ability, coordination and endurance (not to mention boosting weight loss).
  • Locations to be advised by the Friday each week by Coach Corrina.

Our 12 week Soulfood Sisterhood Fitcamp will cost:

  • $35 per week x 12 weeks = $420 for 2 x 1 hour weekly FITcamp sessions + optional weekly challenge
  • Wellness Day Retreat at Lotus Yoga Retreat Centre on 7 Oct and Eastbourne retreat Day on Sunday 16 Dec are included in the $150 deposit
  • The programme can be paid in full if preferred of $150 deposit plus $420 – total of $570 by 30 September or a deposit of $150 (on registration by 30 September) is required to commit to the full programme.  If you wish to pay in installments the payment schedule will be: $150 deposit to be paid by 30 September + 12 x automatic WEEKLY payments of $35.00 per week to be set up by 1 October.

NOTE: We are opening up both retreat days to the public, if people wish to just attend the retreat days it will be $55 per person for Lotus Yoga Centre and $95 for the Eastbourne Retreat Day.  More details for the December retreat will be available soon.  Information for the 7 October Retreat day can be found here 

If you wish to attend the 12 week programme but can’t attend one or both of the retreat days, the difference from the $150 deposit will come off your weekly payment but we will need to know at the beginning of the programme what you will attend so this can be calculated.

What is expected from you on this Wellness programme?

  • Commitment to attend the parts of the programme you have chosen
  • An open and willing attitude
  • To be supportive of all group members journeys and to respect each others privacy
  • To show your authentic self and shine your true light
  • Show yourself self-love, compassion and kindness
  • Take responsibility for your own journey – be on time, stick with the programme and be willing to change your mindset/beliefs for improvement

To book your spot on the next FITcamp full programme in October, please complete the registration form here and arrange for a deposit of $150 to be put into the account below asap to secure your spot – Limited to 20 places!

Box of Chocolates
Account Number: 06-0582-0372233-00
Reference: FITcamp and your surname

Testimonials from some of our beautiful Soulsisters:

I met Lisa almost a year ago and it changed my life. She told me about the Soulsister Fitcamp/Retreats and although I’m not one for exercise I was intrigued. It took me 6 weeks to sign up and the course had already started, but everyone welcomed me as if I had always been part of the group from the beginning. I have joined gym’s before for a week and hated them, feeling inadequate and like I didn’t belong there. I have never once felt that with the group. The ladies are each such special people, and all an inspiration to me. Corrina and Lisa who lead the group ensure that sessions are happy places where you are accepted for who you are what you can and can’t do, with exercises adjusted for you personally where needed (injury or an area that needs more work). The weekly bundles are full of inspiration, meditation and general holistic health. The retreats are always interesting, filled with new experiences and a chance to just relax and breathe. There is a closed Facebook group too where we share things with each other and support each other.
I can’t recommend the FitCamp enough. Whether you are fit or have never exercised before, there is a place for you, come to a session and see for yourself – Ruth

I have been involved in the Soulsisters fitcamp and the retreats for a year now and my life has changed for the better. I am fitter, stronger, have lost weight but more importantly I know the direction I am going in. The holistic approach on health and wellbeing and having a fitness/nutrition coach as well as a life coach to support you through each 12 week programme is why it has been so successful for me. Everyone comments on the change they see in me, I’m definitely living life more fully than I was. The fitness sessions are fun and I look forward to them each week. The weekly bundles to do the inner work are what really makes a difference and introducing things like meditation and positive affirmations just helps to keep your mind making shifts too which is so important for long-term change. I am so motivated to continue on this journey.  – Louise 

I have been part of the Soul Sister Fitcamp Family for a year now and am so happy to have been there from day one. This group was just what I needed and when Lisa suggested it I thought this is just what I need. Lisa and Corrina give so much of themselves and each week inspire us with healthy tips, affirmations, meditations and some great exercise. I really enjoy the way Corrina mixes up the exercise and keeps it fresh and we have fun while doing it. This is not a hardcore boot camp where you get up at 6am. It is a nurturing group that supports you to become a healthier, happier and fitter version of yourself. I have enjoyed my journey so far and will continue with the next 12 week programme as it has helped enrich my life and I have met the most special people. If you like to be supported in a wonderful environment with two wonderful coaches who offer life coaching, holistic healing, reiki, massage, home baking with muffins on your birthday and so much more then this is the group to join.  – Maree

I was very uncertain about joining a FITcamp as I was so out of shape and was quite embarrassed about it, thinking I would not be able to do it.  But, so glad I did!  It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made for my wellbeing.  Corrina tailored the exercises according to ability but also how you were feeling.  The group support was amazing, we all had our own journeys but with the same goal.  I was very comfortable from the first session and motivated.  I have made incredible friends and are now pursuing other activities such as “Around the Bays”.  Lisa’s holistic approach was amazing and complimented the exercise.  I was quite sceptical about Reiki but bring it on!  I have compared photos of myself from the beginning to now and 3 months later I look  and feel completely different – give it a go!  It will change your life! – Priya

I thoroughly enjoyed my Soulsisters Revitalising Retreat weekend with you all, such a range of emotions and humour, activities, and the love that was shared with everyone was very warming. The lodge has been transformed in a year, due to hard work of the present owners, new bunks, linen, carpets, bathrooms updated, just amazing, plus the owner informed us he was still working on improvements so next time there will be even more surprises.  Very friendly and amenable owners with  a very cute little daughter who just captivated us, not forgetting their gorgeous dog who I’m sure was guiding me on  my bush walk, on which I lost track of time on and Lisa sent the search party out for me bless her.  Loved our time in the renovated yurt where we shared our gifts and our stories and meditation. Loved the exercises and stretches in the mornings, good start before breakfast and the 2 hour walk in the bush just past the Otaki campsite was fabulous, with great views over the river and the 2 exciting swing bridges crossings were the icing on the cake. The craft work we did was fun and the lady who kept saying she had no artistic talent blew us all away at the  picture she created, (just shows you don’t know until you try something, whether you will enjoy it or show talent for it) Just want to thank Lisa and Corrina for making the retreat a real success and thank you ladies for your friendship and openness, tears flowed and laughter was on the menu too, great to meet you all.  Last thing, boy did we eat!  We were well catered for between Doris the caterer and Corrina and her baking goodies, and Lisa and her making the breakfasts and the Indian High Tea, it all was delicious and so good to be pampered.  – Maria

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