Join the powers of the Soulful Sisterhood

Picture this, alarm going off and you’re thinking, “cool can’t wait to see the group again and hear what’s happening for everyone “, and bouncing out of bed as you make your way to the Soulful Sisterhood Bootcamp.

No longer are you defined by the limitations that have prevented you from taking action towards your physical goals and dreams.

Instead you are the Goddess of your own destiny, now with superpowers that zap the what if’s and have you excited about infinite possibilities, a life of passion, vision and purpose.

You appreciate all the amazing things your body does for you and treat and love it with the respect it deserves.  You want to nuture it and fuel it with the best possible soulfood and take time for mindfulness activities that boost your energy and sense of wellbeing.

Others are wondering what’s going on with you, you’re no longer looking longingly out the window with the 3pm slump, you’re firing on all cyclinders, pumped for your day and making a difference.

You love your new Soul Sisters who have your back no matter what kind of day you’re having, they understand your frustrations and enjoy boosting each other along as you look at everyone’s inspirational posts and pics daily.

No longer are you breathless up the stairs, reaching for the coffee first thing, lethargic at night time, zoning out from brain fog and utterly bored with your plans this week.

You are super excited about the chance to grow together as a group, support each others journey and go away for a beautiful energising, pampering and soulful weekend to celebrate our wins!  Yes you are allowed a wine and chocolate – you have worked hard for this and are able to celebrate in style!

You show how in tune you are now with your mindset, body and decisions as you have found new soulful energy for each area of your life.  You dedicate yourself and apply self-control and a zest for life, while doing more of what you love, less people pleasing and feeling more balanced.

No longer do you let stress and drama take over, you are an empowered Goddess and stand strong in your beliefs, self-care rituals and value everything you do.

With a more peaceful mindset, you feel gratitude daily for all the amazing opportunities and ideas that now seem to flow in a more supportive abundant way.

You understand that you are now in the drivers seat and taking the scenic route while following your hearts wishes.  It may not take you directly there, but you get to view the beautiful scenery and realise the unlimited potential that awaits you!

You are attracting awesome new people, resources and opportunites into your life, due to the positive energy and attitude that others can’t resist!

All of a sudden you are a magnet for miracles!

You know it’s time to step up for yourself, prioritise your needs with courage and determination, and are thankful for the sisterhood to align you to your true self.

You enjoy being authentically YOU, while releasing yourself from fears and barriers because you are a Warrior not a Worrier anymore!

You are a Soulful Sister, united on a soulfilled journey that lights you up and has you reaching for the stars – you have found your wings!  It’s time to fly…

If you want to embrace all this and more, step up for yourself and put your name forward for the next camp via the contact page!