“I loved my sessions with Lisa because she was able to listen and understand my needs, to be a positive sounding board for my ideas and inspire me to take action in areas I was struggling with.  Her down to earth and caring nature always made me feel welcome and loved the energy, vibrancy and playfulness she would bring to our time together.  Lisa always found ways of making me look at things in a different way while bringing out my strengths and focusing on my development.  I was able to enjoy fitness again because it no longer felt like a chore but a priority for my wellbeing.  Her ability to zone in on what I always needed was incredible, tapping into mindful techniques with a creative element was always an uplifting experience.  My relationships with key people in my life improved as my confidence and social skills increased, I received a promotion at work and was able to achieve one of my goals and go on my dream holiday – a Wellness Retreat in Thailand.  I know you will thrive in Lisa’s hands as I have because she will take you on an amazing journey of empowerment and you will find your wings!”


“Lisa’s encouraging & inspiring nature have helped me to identify where my passions lie & which direction to walk in.  I was in a middle of a major life change when I started meeting with Lisa and she was able to help me rediscover who I was as a person.  As a result of her coaching & some inspiring encounters with others, I lost 20kgs, quit a part time job where it conflicted with my personal values and which required a skillset I don’t have, learnt to accept time by myself is helpful & enjoyable, engage more in meaningful ways with others, choose to be discerning about who I spend time with & what I watch/listen to.  Some simple changes I am making include less time on my cellphone, earlier nights, setting goals, following through on goals I set, did a photography course, spent money on systems which will make life simpler.  Most of all it’s about remaining positive and being grateful for all we have and are while loving myself so I can love others.  Thanks for your time & committment to helping me grow Lisa, you are a great coach!”


“Lisa has a wonderful positive approach to both coaching & everyday life.  Over the last 6 months Lisa has helped me to identify & focus on both my personal/family values & to set goals in line with these values.  I would be happy to recommend Lisa as a Life Coach & believe she can be a positive influence on your future”.


“I really enjoyed Lisa’s coaching sessions and gained some valuable tips & advice.  Having someone impartial & non critical to listen to my ideas & help me to achieving them was really beneficial and I am that much closer to achieving my goals.”


― Coaching Testimonials