Working with Corrina as our personal trainer for more than two years has been a really positive experience.  As one would hope, our level of fitness has certainly improved.

Corrina is obviously very knowledgable, but also has a very ‘human’  approach to her work.  She is very encouraging and never judgmental.  Corrina’s wonderful sense of humour means that we are often laughing as we exercise which makes each workout surprisingly a lot of fun.

Corrina has an amazing ability to modify a programme ‘on the spot’ based on her careful observation of how we are managing each exercise.  The fact that she can work with two people, who have such different levels of fitness and strength, at the same time, bears testement to her impressive technical skills.  Importantly, we know that Corrina is always focused on helping us to reach the goals that are important to us.  Thank you.

Ruth and Mike

I have had Corrina as a personal trainer over several years.  She was always positive, supportive, approachable and listened well to my needs and what was happening to my  body.  She is very skilled at having the ability to work me harder, without me feeling pushed and punished – but rather that it was something I wanted to do, because she made it fun.  Her goals were realistic and obtainable, without being easy.  As I progressed to training to be a Group Fitness instructor myself, I realised the depth of knowledge Corrina had in the fitness industry, and in the knowledge she has for each muscle group.  I realized also how safe her practice was , always giving great encouragement and tips to do exercises the best possible way.

Anyone who is being coached by Corrina are really lucky.  We miss her smile, her drive and her presence at our gym in the south..

All the best Corrina as you get into the boot camps.

Krissy Christensen
Group Fitness Instructor

“Corrina trained me for 8 years, during this time I went from someone who never exercised to passing my police test, running 1/2 marathons, getting through 2 pregnancies whilst staying fit, but most importantly gave me the passion to pursue my own journey to become a personal trainer. I can hands on heart say that Corrina has the X Factor and you won’t just have an excellent trainer but will find an amazing person who is genuinely passionate about her clients and helping them achieve their goals. Alongside the personal training I also took part in some boot camps which were fantastic. Thanks Corrina for everything you have done for me.

Dani McRae

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